School Safety Letter From Our Superintendent

School Safety Letter From Our Superintendent
Posted on 04/11/2019
Tri-Central Parents, Staff, and Patrons,

I truly believe that every employee and volunteer associated with Tri-Central Community Schools has the same top priority, the safety of our students. Twenty-five years ago, our goal was to prepare our students to become productive, patriotic citizens of our society. Ten to fifteen years ago, it became all about passing a state mandated test. Now, in today’s world safety has taken over the top spot. No goals or dreams can be accomplished if the students do not feel safe. This is why so much time and resources are now dedicated to safety in the educational world.

 A few days ago, a letter of concern about TC’s safety procedures was published on a social media site. Wednesday’s Tipton Tribune talked about the same concern voiced at our school board meeting on April 8. The concerns stemmed from how a student was disciplined and how people were informed. As you know, schools are required to follow many state and federal laws and regulations. A great many of those deal with student’s rights and protection of confidentiality. It is a major responsibility of administrators, teachers, and all employees to make sure we are following these laws. As superintendent, I demand that staff follow all laws that deal with our school and students. The consequences of this is that all parents are unable to receive information about children that are not their own. There are many inaccurate facts and statements made on the social media web page and in the paper. There is nothing more that we wish we could do than to set parent’s minds at ease by providing the “whole” story. However, the law and our educational duty prohibit this. The posting also questions about informing parents about the situation. Our MS/HS Principal sent out an email to all MS parents and the entire TC staff on March 5, 2019. We have spoken with Sheriff Frawley more than once on this incident and will definitely keep them in the loop. TC has a great relationship with Sheriff Frawley and our Tipton County Sheriff’s Department. We so much appreciate the help and guidance that they give to our school. Our School Resource Officer is in contact with the officers often.

 We are constantly trying to improve all of our safety practices. We will take this incident and assess the procedures that were used. We have a very active Safety Committee here at TriCentral and we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. Improving school safety is an ongoing process. An example of this is the work we will be doing this summer with the installation of a new high tech digital camera security system with over fifty cameras. We are also installing a new key lock entry system on all of our exterior doors. Well over $100,000 is being spent on these safety issues. (As a side note, this money is coming from our 2018 Bond proceeds, not money that could be going to staff salaries.) We are investigating a new check-in entry system to our buildings to replace our current Raptor system. Longer range goals include remodeling both of the entries to the high school and elementary to meet safety needs.

 In closing I want to state to you that the safety of our students is paramount in our minds. I appreciate the roles you play in making Tri-Central Community Schools such a great place to work and educate our students. Let’s work together to make our school even better after this incident. Taking the negative route will help no one. We will continue to give it our best. TC PROUD!

 Dave Driggs               
 Triā€Central Superintendent 
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